What people are saying about me

It’s said that tooting ones horn is concidered, a sign of self importance or arrogant. Most often I’m a humble man and let my colleagues say it for me.

Lon Stinson

I had the pleasure of working with Charles for three years at Vinsolutions as we started in Website Support at the same time. His attention to detail in both coding of a website as well as in creation of custom/ one-off images and backgrounds are remarkable. I always felt very confident in asking his opinion or advice if I ran into a road block. His work in Vinsolutions Website Design Department was engaging and well-thought out. His talent for working on team projects along with individual projects were consistently completed on time and with satisfaction. Charles is an innovative and inspired designer who is meticulous. He truly has a passion and a talent for the work he has done. It has been a joy to know him and work with him.

Lon StinsonInstructional Designer at VinSolutionsEmail
Kevin McCoy

Charles was an member of our Web Design team at VinSolutions. At VinSolutions he was a Front End Web Designer I and work on a team that produced high quality websites for automotive dealerships. He is passionate about design and has great attention to detail. Charles is a team player and does his best to help out his teammates in any way he can.

During the time with Charles on my team, he regularly attended daily morning stand-ups in an agile work flow, was vocal to the process in which we moved work along and gave his teammates plenty of feedback as to where projects were in the process, estimated times of delivery and offered to help out where bottlenecks occurred. He was a valuable team member who always kept the client’s best interest in mind. Knowing he came from a support role with his previous role at VinSolutions, gave me the confidence that he could jump right onto our team and contribute immediately. He had no problem picking up new workflows and processes.

After getting to know Charles better, it became very clear he had a passion and eye for graphic design and logo work. While the nature of his job did not heavily rely on graphic design as a skill set, he jumped at any opportunity to flex his creative muscles and improve our design assets. He also contributed to every art show/logo contest we had at VinSolutions/Cox Auto and was recognized by the organization for so graphic design work he did.

I would highly recommend having Charles as an employee and team member. He has a passion for what he does and an eagerness to learn any new task that’s put in front of him.

Kevin McCoySr. Marketing Unicorn at StackifyLinkedIn
Brian Gochenour

I was supervisor at Vinsolutions in support at the time that Charles was in the department. During that time management considered him one of our biggest assets. Charles could be counted on to do the highest quality work. When upset clients needed extra attention Charles was called upon to build out a page or design something nice for them. His work could be counted on to exceed the expensive designs our clients got elsewhere.

The impressive thing about Charles is his determination to demonstrate excellence in every aspect of his job. As our lead designer, he still spent extra time understanding deeper levels of coding to round out his front-end skill set.

Every good employer looks not only to ability but also to character and personality during the hiring process. Charles is a good man. He shows up. Does his job. And cares for people. I never knew him to be abrasive or create enemies. People genuinely like being around him.

He will only improve the working environment wherever he works.

Brian GochenourSoftware Engineer at ScriptProEmail
Stephanie Moore

I worked with Charles while he was working in Support at VinSolutions and into his role as Website Designer. When he worked in support, he was a go-to when it came to creating original graphics and thinking outside the box. He is incredibly talented and very creative. In all of the company art events in which he entered, his creations were always unique. His creativity has inspired other team members to better themselves and become better graphics creators. He has always been well respected among the support team members.

Stephanie MooreWebsite Design Specialist / WPM Lead at Cox AutomotiveEmail
Gus Martinez

Charles is a very mild mannered, and calm individual. He’s family oriented. Charles takes pride in all his work and always gives it his best effort. I plan to work with Charles again in the future as my website for Miles of Help Through Christ is in need of a more experienced individual than myself.

Gus MartinezSystems Support Analyst at Everything But WaterEmail